Feb 7, 2012

Sacramento VegFest 2012

(Photos by Mark Storm Photography)
I was excited to go to the Sacramento VegFest this past weekend for my birthday.  Yes, it was small, but very well attended.  Chef AJ (above) demonstrates how to make easy raw chocolate peanut butter date bon-bons to an entertained crowd.  Ending her demo with a special rendition of "Love Will Keep Us Together," her comedic energy kept everyone laughing and energized until the very end.  The bon-bons were very rich and yummy too.

Chef Brooke Preston of Green Boheme was there, and we tasted samples of a very delicious carrot ginger cashew soup.  Unfortunately, we missed her demo, but she did end up winning two awards for her raw vegan food!

Another notable was the meat-free products from Fry's Vegetarian.  The samples of Beef-Style Chunky Strips and Chicken-Style Nuggets were delicious, and should be available now or soon at your local Whole Foods and health food stores.  They tout products that have no meat, egg, or dairy, are non-GMO, and have no artificial colors or preservatives, or hydrogenated fats.  I haven't checked the pricing, but they are imported from South Africa and have been popular in Europe and other countries.

The nice people at V-Dog gave us a free sample of their vegan dog food.  My picky wolf hybrids and Jack Russell don't particularly like it, but we have been informed that they are coming out with a new and improved formula soon.  I'm anxious to see if they'll give it a paws up!

Chef Dawna Destafeno of Azna Gluten Free, was working hard to serve attendees free samples of her delicious gluten free Italian bread.  She also won an award for her soy-free vegan lasagna.

Overall, we had a lot of fun hanging out with fellow veggies, and it was a nice treat to get out of the house for my birthday!  Thanks, Mark, for taking me and becoming VegFest's official photographer for the day!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Thanks for sharing and... many happy veggie returns!!!

  2. Spending a birthday with lots of vegan food and treats...nice!
    Looking forward to seeing the improved v-dog food too. I like the ingredients of PetGuard vegetarian dog food but it's so pricey.

  3. Aw, man, I didn't hear about that! I would have loved to have gone. We went last year to something similar on Del Paso Blvd. Did you hear about that? It was a zoo (vegan-style)! Anyhow, happy birthday. Maybe we'll bump into each other an another event.

  4. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a super fun day! I had no idea there was even a VegFest in Sacramento. :-)