Dec 25, 2009

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

I'm happy to say that it has become a family tradition to have a vegan Christmas Eve at my house every year, and another tradition- graham cracker gingerbread houses. For anyone who has kids, this is a great craft project to keep the little ones busy for a while- especially those with ADD (Always Done with Dinner) disorder. My 8 year old nephew, Jason definitely has it! And, he's always the only kid in the house, so it doesn't take long before he's bored to tears.

Jason's House (complete with bench and candy "people")

Sister-in-Law Marianne & Nephew Jason (and their doggy Benny)
Another good idea, was to hide chocolate coins around the house, and ask Jason to find them all before allowing him to open his big gift. This kept him busy for at least half an hour (plus another 15 minutes to find the last one).

"Holiday Train 2009"

I was inspired to make something different this year, so here it is... the Holiday Train- Ta Daaa!!

... and of course, Jack- the Santa Welcome Wagon!