Feb 1, 2012

The Groundhog's Shadow

When Groundhog Phil felt a cold winter chill, he ventured out from his hole.
Slowly with care, sniffing ground and the air, he emerged from the crumbly knoll.

Every year he would pose with a quivering nose, to feel for winter’s harsh sting.
For if it were true, it was a groundhog’s cue, to fall into a deep sleep ‘til Spring.

“Are those snowflakes up there, dancing on air?” asked Phil in a state of confusion.
He crept further to see if it truly could be, a sign of winter or just an illusion.

The sun on his back casted a shadow of black, for which Phil was just not prepared.
Living underground, where only dirt was abound, made him touchy, nervous, and scared.

Phil leapt up in fright at the very sight of the shadowy figure in tow.
Wherever he went, right-left-circumvent! - the shadow just would not let go!

Running circles in panic and feeling quite manic, Phil scurried back towards his den.
But then he stumbled as something rumbled, in the sky where he looked up again.

A grayish cloud covered the sun like a shroud, and made Phil’s shadow disappear.
“Don’t be a fool!” said a voice so cruel.  “The only thing that can hurt you is fear.”

Phil shook as he took a look, up at the angry puff.
“But what of lightning and all things frightening, like monsters and aliens and stuff?”

“A life full of stress only works to oppress,” said the thunderous cloud.
“Who knows what you could achieve if only you believe, that you are brave, wise, and proud!”

Phil was in awe as he saw, an image of himself that he never knew.
He felt inspirations for aspirations, and his excitement and confidence grew!

He would not fear again, leaving his den, for a whole new world awaited.
Experiences around could surely be found, and this fact could not be debated!

Phil proudly stood as tall as he could, and proclaimed without a shake,
“Bravely I will stay above ground today, and progress I will surely make!”

The cloud was beaming and light came streaming, as it drifted away from the sun.
Phil’s shadow was there, but he shrugged without care, and so his new life had begun!

Spring was a thing that came early that year, to reward a groundhog’s revelation.
All beings were touched by the story so much, that they came together in a great celebration!
Original Poem by DJ Karma 2012
Coconut body, almond ears, pecan feet, coconut flake teeth and eyes, and raisin eyeballs
Quick Coconut Agar Pudding...
For the recipe, go to:
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There's a nice interview about me there too :-)

Hey, what's kicking?  7 months down / 2 to go!

Happy Groundhog's Day!


  1. Thank goodness for your sense of whimsy- Here I thought that no one would do anything to celebrate groundhog day! Your story and groundhog coconut is, predictably, adorable. :)

  2. Yay! We are scrap booking all of this right? Great interview, the Totoro's are my fave. (Happy Mmmddferday!) Hope to see you soon, we have stuff for you and Joshua!