Jul 9, 2009

10-Chile Summer Corn

Sweet local corn lightly brushed in a 10-Chile Vegennaise, sprinkled with extra hotness, and home-grown cilantro. Let me just say that I've never had so many people rave about something so simple!

A while back, Justin over at Marx Foods sent me a rockin' package of dried chilies from their Chile Sampler, with chilies ranging from mild and sweet to "the hottest in the world."

But first, I had to get me one of these puppies...

...to grind everything into a nice spicy rub. I used 10 different chilies, including the infamous "Ghost Chilies," which are considered to be the hottest. The other chilies mellowed it out, because the end result had a good kick, but wasn't too hot! Some of the chilies were still pretty pliable, so I toasted them lightly in the oven (300 degrees for a minute or two).

Added to the rub: brown sugar, salt, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. I mixed about a tablespoon of the rub with 1/2 C. of Vegennaise to brush lightly onto the corn. Sprinkle extra rub onto the corn if more heat is desired. Finish with chopped cilantro (optional).

You can use pre-made chile powder, but there's nothing like making your own!

Jul 1, 2009

A New Leaf

I've been dragging my feet on doing much of anything inspiring lately, but I realize that this is doing nothing to honor Mom's spirit- or my own. Before I begin, I'd like to first thank everyone who left kind and supportive comments for me- I certainly felt your energy, and was uplifted by it!

For Mom's memorial service, I compiled over 100 old photos and created a 5 minute slide show. In doing so, I stumbled upon so many great memories and photos I had never seen before.

Mom hosting one of her dinner parties

Making me a birthday cake

During this whole process of dealing with death, Mark (my housemate) started a new garden in our backyard- which was once thought to be an impossibility due to our digging, chewing, laying-all-over doggies. He overcame this obstacle by building a makeshift "fence," to the doggies' dismay!

Here they are on top of the spa- feeling frustrated about not being able to make the jump.

As I looked upon Mark's creation, full of vibrant green color and tender new leaves, I realized that from death springs forth new life again- a process as old as time, and a defining aspect of life itself.

In just a few short months, our garden has flourished incredibly...

... and has created some wonderful veggies!

Crooked Neck Squash
White Eggplant

Recipes to come!