My Food Art

Coconut Groundhog

Cucumber Carrot Dragon

Teddy Bear Bun

Potato Totoros
Potato Totoro: Original Post
Mango Rose Original Post

Strawberry Rose Original Post
Melon Bunny Original Post
Carrot and Cucumber Hummingbird, Dill Poppy Leaves
Orange rabbit, eye made of an apple seed
Asparagus Skeletons in Puff Pastry Coffins Original Post
Fried Wonton Ghosts Original Post
Fall Sweater made of candy.  Original Post

Red potato turtle, using small paring knife to carve Original Post

Potato turtle, roasted
Veggie Sea Bass (cucumber body, scales of sliced garlic, baby carrots, and baby zucchini, fins of artichoke, red bell pepper, and parsley, tail of green onions) Original Post
Veggie Squid (body of baby zucchini with flower, tentacles of eggplant skin, eyes of garlic)
Carrot Lobster (all carrot parts from my garden)
Veggie Tiger (carrots, cauliflower, olive, pimento)

Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses and Ice Cream Cone Trees.  Original Post

Holiday Cookie Train made with graham crackers, cookies, and candies.  Original Post