Sep 14, 2010

Project Food Blog: Jam Master Jay Meets Martha Stewart

I'm "a vegan DJ with a passion for food," as my headline reads above. Most who have visited this blog don't know the "DJ" side of me very well- mainly because I've chosen to focus more on the food. This online identity of mine does raise questions. Why should I even mention the "DJ" part of my life? After all, what does DJing and cooking have to do with one another?

For me, they're just two creative outlets in my life -two outlets of opposite extremes. I mean, Jam Master Jay meets Martha Stewart kind of extreme. How to marry them into one little blog has, believe me, been a challenge- one that I usually end up ignoring with a shrug.

When people ask me what I do, I'll admit it's wierd. "I own a DJ company... and, uh... write vegan recipes..." It doesn't exactly flow. But after pondering this juxtaposition of self identity for a while, it started to make sense...

Cooking requires mixing and blending harmonious ingredients to produce a tasty and enjoyable dish.

DJing requires mixing and blending harmonious songs to produce enjoyable listening and good entertainment.
Cooking is a hands-on activity, with a lot of precise chopping, slicing, and dicing.

DJing is a hands-on activity, with a lot of precise button-pushing, record-handling, and "scratching."

And besides, good music and good food always seem to come together.

And, experts agree:
"If music be the food of love, play on."
-William Shakespeare
"Good food is like music you can taste..."
-Remy the Rat, Ratatouille

Ok, so maybe I've made my point, or maybe I'm reaching a bit. The reality is that I put my creativity into two very different things, and sometimes...they become a part of one another.

Can you guess these songs?

♫ Let's groove tonight, share the spice of life. Baby slice it right. We're gonna groove tonight. ♫
♫ Seems like everywhere I go, the more I see the less I know, but I know one thing, that I love you. ♫

♫ Take time to make yourself feel good, and you do whatever you want. 'cause you can now, in my world... ♫

How do you think you did?


  1. Seeing you mixing is like watching my brother who has been a DJ for 28 years. He mixes all over the states especially in PA & NY. He has over 10,000 albums and over 15,000 CD's. His basement is an archive of every album ever recorded and a DJ's dream world. It is an expensive job. But he loves it.

  2. @Millie: Wow,that's a lot of music! These days we're mostly all digital and use a program called Serato, which is quickly becoming the industry standard. But most of all, it saves us from carrying crate-loads of music like we used to! Gotta love technology.

  3. Great entry. I came to check out the competition and got so much more. A DJ, huh...You look strong. Good Luck. GREG

  4. I am also a DJ and when I read your post equating DJing and cooking, I was impressed. Good luck on the contest and thank you for the smile!

  5. I like how we share the same appreciation of food and music going hand-in-hand. Great post!

  6. You are too awesome. I am voting for you right now!

  7. Hello Karma,
    You got my vote! I wish you all the best and good luck.

  8. I love your post! Great job... you have my vote :)

  9. Hi... it is nice to have found you thru PFB. I hope we both get to advance to the next round. I am supporting fellow vegetarian/vegan participants...

    Check out my post... and hopefully if you like it you could vote for me too.

  10. this is the first blog that i have come across that marries food and music. i usually like to cook to dinah washington or lady gaga but am always up for the randomness that pandora brings me. i look forward to your upcoming dishes. you got my vote! Lick My Spoon