Sep 3, 2010

Eggs, Salmonella, and an Upcoming Project in Molecular Gastronomy

"With more than half a billion eggs removed from the shelves and thousands of people seriously ill from salmonella poisoning, the ongoing egg recall is one of the worst food crises in recent history," says Weekly. "Wright County Egg, one of the two factory farms responsible for the current salmonella scandal, has 7.5 million egg-laying chickens crammed together so closely in battery cages that the birds can't even stretch their wings. The chickens often live in their own bacteria-breeding excrement, and never see the light of day."

I don't know that much about chickens- hell, I don't even remember the last time I saw a live chicken, but this statement just makes me want to cry!  As a person who chooses not to eat eggs, this outbreak is not much of a concern for me health-wise, but from an ethical standpoint, it breaks my heart and angers me at the same time.  I understand why there is a demand for eggs, but I do not understand why chickens have to suffer in this way in order to produce them!  The same goes for all factory-farmed animals (including dairy cows).  It's a large part of why I became vegan.

I don't normally preach, but come on, let's get with it!  Especially if you are a serious foodie like me, you MUST care about where your food comes from and how it is produced!  Let's get together and tell the FDA to enforce stricter laws for food safety, which will in turn enforce more humane treatment of our food animals.  It's the least we can do for sentient beings who unwillingly relinquish their lives every day for our food.

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Check out my next post for my project in molecular gastronomy, and how I will make...
The Vegan Egg
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  1. When did I last time see a live chicken? Can't remember at all...It's better that I don't see them...or I would have a problem to consume their meat later...:-(

  2. Hear, hear! Great post. Since you're not too far from me, Animal Place has a sanctuary in Vacaville that has chickens for you to look at. They also have a new sanctuary in Grass Valley.

  3. @blessedmama- lol- I guess I should go look at the chickens... I hear they've got personalities!