Jun 23, 2010

Meatballs- The Perfect Burger's Lil' Side Kick

Versatile and unassuming (unless arranged on a nice plate with toothpicks), these little bites are worth the effort of getting your hands dirty. Smothered in gravy or a beautiful marinara over a bed of noodles. Tucked into a soft toasty bun with melted cheese and grilled onions and peppers. You get the idea.

Still working on the recipe, and the first run got very good reviews. But I'm going for "No way... really?" before I post it.

Of course, the meatballs were the inevitable offspring of the Mother of All Burgers...which will be confirmed or denied shortly.

Off to the Testers!


  1. You tease! No recipes? :( Hahaha! Looks amazing!

  2. If you want to send the recipe over the other side of the pond to test on an English palate, I'm your man!

    Great blog, been following for ages but, for some reason, didn't have you linked. That's now been corrected.

    Keep up the great work :)