May 20, 2010

SPCA Doggone Walk-A-Thon, and A Winner

It was a perfectly beautiful Spring day for the SPCA Walk-A-Thon, for which our company was invited to provide music. Mark brought along Jack (his little Russell Terrier), who was excited beyond belief to sniff butts and bark his hellos to the wide range of doggies there. The cutest thing? Doggie Musical "Chairs," which consisted of owners walking their dogs in a circle, and making them sit when the music stopped (last one to sit had to leave). They had booths, silent auction, and an assortment of adoption dogs to play with.

Me and the mascot jammin' to the music, along with Jack who's in the reflection!

Dog Meets Dog

Heartbreaking, but this three-legged pooch was obliviously happy to be there.

Jack and Mark signing out... peace.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tami of Vegan Apetite, winner of a brand new Creme Brulee Torch, courtesy of CSN Stores! I want to see your Baked Alaska Ice Cream Pie very very soon, Tami!!!


  1. such cutie pies!!!

    congrats tami - I'm sooo jealous!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm so excited to win.

    I love that photo with you, the mascot, and Jack's reflection. So cool !

  3. Ahh, cute doggies. What a great time and how happy all of those dogs were that day! You go girl.
    Congrats to Tami, can't wait to see her Baked Alaska.

  4. What fun, I sure wish we could celebrate doggies all over the place like this- I know I'd attend if there was an event near me!

  5. Karma, it came! Thanks so much for doing this contest! I'm looking forward to playing with it.

  6. Your very welcome, Tami! Happy torching!