Feb 14, 2010

Heart Attack Macaroon Cookies

Chocolatey, sugar-laden treats are meant to be eaten in moderation... except on Valentine's Day, when many of us indulge in a few candies (or a whole box of chocolates- yes, you know who you are).

I have no recipe for this cookie, as it is still in its experimental stages. But it's easy to make in a variety of different ways, so let 's just say it's an inspiration for your own recipe.

It's pretty much a no-bake chocolate macaroon sandwiched between two thin crisp cookies, dunked in melted chocolate, and decorated with a confectioner's sugar-water mixture. I made mine with shortbread cookies, but you could just as easily use a lower fat graham cracker recipe. You could also fill them with peanut butter, vegan marshmallow creme, or caramel ... don't those sound good too? Then, write whatever cute (or naughty) messages on them, and give them with a big hug and a glass of non-dairy milk.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Holy cuteness, those look delicious! I love anything heart-shaped!

  2. ooooh so cute!! i love an excuse to use any shape of cookie cutter. especially hearts!! i love what you wrote on the tops :)