Mar 30, 2009

You Know You're a Food Blogger If...

You know you're a food blogger if...

1) You're constantly trying to make your food look pretty, even if it's a bowl of oatmeal.

2) You've shamelessly taken pictures of restaurant food with your cell phone.

3) The highlight of your day is checking your email for comments, even if it's just someone saying, "Cool!"

4) You read other blogs not to recreate their recipes, but to put your own twist on them.

5) You dream about food before making it.

6) You've ever been late for (fill in the blank) because you were blogging, commenting, or posting your pics on flickr.

7) Your significant other often tells you that your clothes smell like food.

8) You blog on your laptop while watching TV, and have convinced yourself that you can do both simultaneously.

9) You have a makeshift photography "set" in your house made of cardboard, cloth napkins, and other household materials.

10) You have an unnatural fascination with plates.


  1. LOL! I've become seriously obsessed with finding the perfect little plates, of course just one or two.

  2. 8 out of 10...not bad.

    i am such a multitasker. i think the information age has made it hard for me to do only one thing at a time...ridiculous.

  3. haha. so right. . my cell pics always look crappy though. I should just drag in my giant canon and get it over with.

  4. Agh! Now I'm really depressed. Out of the 10 I only got 1 (the first). I guess I'll just blame it on too many other interests, of which are two dogs that demand much of my time! ;-)

  5. you're not just a food blogger, you're a kickass food blogger. big dif.

  6. What about food going cold because you've taken that long to photograph it?

  7. I only hit 6 of these, but I think I get an honorary #7. After all, Jim tells me that I'm *wearing* food...and he's right. Even if I'm wearing an apron!

    Really fun post!

    Hey, Karma, if you try tempeh again I highly suggest the reuben sandwich in VwaV. Just let it marinate for like a day. (or two)

  8. Yep, I'm down with the food blog sickness, and I couldn't be happier. I haven't meandered into item numbers #8 or #9, but who knows what the future holds. I'm always taking pics with my cell phone camera. Always. In fact, I use more of my pay as you go $$ on the phone for pics than actual calls, no shit.

  9. ha! i just started blogging and i can see it becoming all-consuming. i love your blog btw! it's beautiful! and your dogs, too. :)

  10. most of those are so true for me! you forgot that you are a food blogger if you are used to eating your food cold b/c you have to take like 15 pics of each dish!

  11. Haha! Yes, that is #11 - You often have to reheat your food because it takes so long to shoot it.

    and #12 - You taste your food so much while making it, you're left with a pretty plate of food that you don't want to eat.

  12. Sooo true! :D

    Especially 6, 11 and 12!! LOL

  13. Ha ha! All of the above apply and I'm on my laptop and watching a movie right now!

  14. I LOVE this!!! Why are you documenting my everyday habits, hmmm??