Feb 19, 2009

Enter Your Recipe to Be Featured on the First Vegan FoodBuzz International Event!

Vegans under-represented? We're gonna work on that! Enter your favorite finger-food recipe, and get featured on the FIRST (I believe) vegan 24-24-24 FoodBuzz international event! It's 24 meals in 24 hours on 24 blogs around the world. Here's a little promo video:

I was thrilled to be selected as one of the participants this month, and got to thinking about all of the fantastic vegan blogs out there that have both inspired me and taught me a thing or two! So, why not feature a recipe or two from other vegans and further expose our wonderful community to the world! I apologize for the late notice, but figured most of you foodies have some outstanding recipes already posted on your blogs to submit!

The theme for my event incorporates my main business- the Video DJ company, and is entitled "Movie Night... Remixed." It is a celebration for my DJ's and crew for their hard work in the production studio, creating some fantastic custom videos for our shows. We do a lot of movie mash-ups with music videos, and will be doing a special screening that night- thus the name.

I will be selecting one or two recipes to add to the menu for this event. They must be finger-foods (no utensils required), savory or sweet. I will include a picture of your recipe on the post, along with your name, blog name, and link in the description.

Please comment below with your idea, and link to your recipe by midnight on Wednesday, February 25th and I will post the winner(s) on the following day. The actual event will occur on February 28th and posted here on March 1st. I'm specifically looking for recipes that non-vegans will wonder, "how is that vegan?" ...Love doing that!


  1. Oh, very cool! My idea of a great finger food that falls on the sweet side of the spectrum would be mini whoopie pies. So cute, and the flavors are almost guaranteed to please everyone.

  2. Thanks for your post on my blog. I saw your post earlier today and definitely wanted to take part! I love the idea! And your blog, too, of course.

    Here's my recipe for Red Curry Lime Wings.

    I can't wait to see what other people post! Thanks a lot for putting this together.

  3. What a great idea! Good luck! :)

  4. I have a recipe! It's called my famous banana pudding.

    You'll need One banana, Syrup, and Fat free milk.

    Mix all these ingredients together, and VIOLA! My recipe!

    Good Luck!