Jan 29, 2009

Vegan Raw Green Smoothie... for my cold! (sniff)

First cold of the season- ACK! So if you're supposed to starve a cold and feed a fever, what if you have both? ...Drink a Green Smoothie! (and don't starve yourself). There's something comforting and quite empowering about imbibing good raw nutrition through a straw. It feels like all those vitamins and nutrients are somehow going straight to my blood stream.

Of course, I probably wouldn't be sick in the first place, if I hadn't replaced the good nutrients with cupcakes as I have been. So, back on the green wagon it is!

Actually, this banana-kale smoothie is quite tasty and naturally sweet. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can add a little squeeze of agave nectar. It's also quite easy to make, which is much appreciated when your feeling like I do- ugh!

Makes 1-2 servings


1/2 C. ice
1 large banana
1 kale leaf, stripped from its stem
1/2 C. vanilla soy milk
1 tsp. ground flax seeds
squeeze of agave nectar (if desired)


Put ice, banana, kale, and flax seeds in a blender. Add the soy milk. Blend until smooth. Drink before it gets to room temp.

Feel free to experiment with different greens, fruits, etc. You might want to stay in the same color scheme to avoid a weird brown (gag) unappetizing color... which is NOT what you wanna see when you're sick! ...or just drink with your eyes closed.

... feeling better already!


  1. get better soon! everyone i know is getting sick too :(

  2. Thanks- I'm lucky 'cause it's not freezing outside like most people are experiencing!

  3. That sounds like one delicious smoothie. Sorry to hear you had a cold: hope you're better now, Karma. Have you tried some ginger tea? I guzzle it when I have a cold, and there's nothing like it. Just make some regular tea, and steep a few thin slices of ginger in it. I add some soymilk to it. Strain and drink. It's bliss.

  4. Thanks, Vaishali! I'm feeling much better now. That tea sounds very soothing- I'll definitely try it (even if I'm not sick):)