About This Blog

DJ Karma
Been Vegan: About 8 years
Ethnicity:  Taiwanese American
For a Living:  Owner of a DJ Company called "Destiny Entertainment", with a DJ crew called "Visual Turns," specializing in Video DJing.
In the Near Future: Writing a book of short stories with food art.
Something Quirky:  Love to watch investigative crime shows and paranormal stuff (must be a past life thing).
Other Hobbies:  Taught hip-hop dance for many years, DJing (mixing & scratching), drawing, painting, and most crafty artsy things.

Update:  Baby boy, Joshua, born on April 2, 2012!

Joshy has certainly grown into a healthy, happy, vegan bundle of joy!  He is actually big for his age- in the 95 percentile... and yes, my back is killing me!
Joshy Age 1