Oct 10, 2010

10-10-10, A Perfect Day

In the wake of a busy life, it's good to slow down sometimes and contemplate our existence in this world. We have a tendency to rush around, make deadlines, scrutinize everything, and strive to be ...perfect.

A wise man once told me that it isn't perfection that we should be focusing on, but progress.

Perfection leads to self doubt, which leads to anxiety, which leads to defensiveness, which breeds hostility towards oneself, and the world- all while chasing something that simply doesn't exist (at least not for very long).

Progress is creativity expressed.
It is an open mind...
                                      a feeling of freedom...
                                                                                   a journey with

So on this day of "perfect 10's," let's sit down with ourselves, our friends and family, and celebrate how far we have come. Let's think about how we can contribute to a world obsessed with perfection, and coax a more relaxed smile- a lossening of the butt cheeks. Let's not take our causes so seriously, that we end up turning our backs to those around us. Let's not be so afraid that we deny the truth that's on our doorsteps. Let's be open to consideration, to communication, ... to progress.

Because nobody's perfect.

This post is dedicated to my neighbor, Larry -R.I.P. We miss you!

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  1. I liked this post it really made me think about myself and my life. Perfection is a good thing and a bad one. We can never be perfect but striving for perfection with this in mind can help us become better versions of ourselves.